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“With a splash of personality, Alan Soon covers media news and trends for a primarily Asian market. The Splice Newsroom recently came out with a new design-focused newsletter, Splice Frames, penned by Rishad Patel.”
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Nikkei Asian Review launched a new site.

Nikkei says the new website, aimed at global readers, is designed for reduced load times, grid-based navigation, and better skimming. Visually, they use their usual dull corporate blue, and the typefaces are the uninspiring combination of Roboto Slab for headlines and Arial for almost everything else. The only exceptions to the otherwise-fairly-decent vertical rhythm on mobile are the ads, which are haphazardly spaced. The website was developed in collaboration with their other fairly-recently-redesigned product, the Financial Times.

Someone on Imgur is doing a newsletter. For news.

The website, usually the respected source of that unparalleled art form, the meme, seems an unlikely place for news. But it works: the poster, whose handle is YourNewsToday, is an American law student who has hundreds of “upvotes” and views on her/his posts. Sources include CNN, AP, Fox, NYT, BBC… and RT. “Given Russia's growing influence in our society, I think RT news provides an interesting perspective on current events. Given the fact that they are state controlled however, and have a clear and obvious interest in presenting stories in the way most critical of the West/US, perspectives from RT will be clearly identified and treated with some skepticism.”