• We help editorial newsrooms shift from traditional publishing models to building sustainable, digital-first organizations.

  • A tech-driven approach to shaping digital newsroom strategy and operations.
    That's what we love.

    We believe the future of media is created on a foundation of tech innovation, matched by an entrepreneurial spirit.

    We focus on four key areas in a newsroom:

    People, culture, tools and workflows.


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  • Our core principles to transforming newsrooms.

    1. Deliver targeted content to an engaged, valuable and targeted audience
    2. Build a true customer-focused team
    3. Partner with others to fill gaps and to build on strengths
    4. Support and apply entrepreneurial skills to drive change
    5. Identify and nurture a new generation of journalists

    Newsroom Strategy

    Newsroom Operations

    Editorial Workflow

    Distributed Content

    Audience Metrics

    Editorial Analytics

    Change Management

    Newsroom Automation

    Social Media Workflow

    Media Startups

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  • The founder.

    Alan Soon is Asia's leading expert on newsroom operations, digital transformation and the business of media. He started The Splice Newsroom to help solve a difficult problem: Getting newsrooms to adapt and evolve in the ongoing shift to digital.

    For more than 20 years, Alan has worked in radio, TV, news wires, magazine and online across Asia. He started out as a reporter and grew into other operational roles including producer, editor, newsroom manager and eventually a business leader. This gives him a management and operational view that is rare in the consulting sector.


    In his last role, Alan led one of the largest digital news teams in the industry as Yahoo’s Managing Editor for India and Southeast Asia. He’s also worked at CNBC and Bloomberg across Asia.


    Alan is a regular speaker at international media conferences where he discusses the changing newsroom, the evolving business of journalism, content marketing and distributed content strategies. He also advises early-stage media startups.


    Alan is a co-founder of the Online News Association in Singapore.

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