Evolutions, pivots and obituaries of media

Patrick Soon-Shiong, a billionaire doctor, is about to buy The Los Angeles Times.

The 44-Pulitzer Prize newspaper and Soon-Shiong have had a contentious relationship with Tronc, its holding company, over the years. Soon-Shiong is a major shareholder, even though Tronc removed him from their board last year. There’s been a carousel of battling editors and publishers, disputes with Disney, leaks to the New York Times, etc. Soon-Shiong says he considers newspapers a “public trust” and that the press is a “valuable tool for the community.”
Los Angeles Times

The mood is bitter at Singapore Press Holdings after the latest round of job cuts.

Some people went into work only to find that they were locked out of their computers. One person, we were told, only discovered she was laid off when the car park barrier wouldn’t allow her in. Classy. Warren Fernandez, the editor of the Straits Times (the group’s flagship paper), wrote about the botched layoffs at the paper by way of explaining how the global media market has been disrupted. Lede, buried. “It was not the way we had intended for things to play out.”
Straits Times