Our mission, the team, and partners

Splice is media transformation in Asia.

Our mission

Asia needs a service that reports on the transformation of media and journalism.

Traditional media is broken; the industry needs a vision, best practices, and the knowledge to transform itself. The credibility and integrity of news are at risk.

Yet there is no service dedicated to providing the business intelligence behind the evolution of media and newsrooms in Asia, making it difficult to train, partner and support the industry. There are no equivalents to Nieman Lab, Journalism.co.uk, Digiday or Poynter in this region.

This makes it difficult to gather insights into seemingly basic questions for people in the industry, and progressive society at large.

What are the most progressive newsrooms in Asia?

What are their best practices in audience engagement?

What are the new business models in media?

What are new revenue streams that show promise?

Who are the leaders of change in newsrooms?

Who are the upcoming young journalists in this space?

What are the media startups to watch?

Our community is made up of influential media professionals working across newsrooms, content, advertising, marketing, business, policy, and academia.

We want to build Splice into a ‘Nieman Lab’ of Asia to report and document the region’s best practices in newsrooms, talent, training, and media entrepreneurship.

We aim to be the hub of the editorial and media community in Asia — to inspire, build and support sustainable media businesses.


We’re documenting our rollout. It may be useful to you. Or not. But here it is if you’re curious to see our progress — and our mistakes.

Our content is meant to be copied.

We work with reporters around Asia to cover the trends, threats and tools in media. We want to help grow the ecosystem so all the original stories here are covered under a Creative Commons license. We want to ensure that these stories make their way into the hands of people who would find them useful — and better yet, would act on them.

You’re free to copy and redistribute this content. You can remix, transform, or build on this material. You can turn them into courses. You can even print them out as toilet paper if you want to. You just need to give Splice appropriate credit, link to us, and indicate if you’ve made changes on your end.

You’ll find all the details on our Creative Commons license here. Or just email us. We love emails.

Writing for Splice

Do you believe we’re on to something powerful? We’re always looking for freelance writers to cover media trends in their respective markets. Here’s our brief.

The team

We’re doing this because we can’t shake this belief that something needs to be done to help pull this region’s media industry together.

Papers signed. Now let's build this. Co-founders Alan Soon and Rishad Patel in August 2017.
Papers signed. Now let's build this. Co-founders Alan Soon and Rishad Patel in August 2017.

ALAN SOON is Asia’s leading expert on newsroom operations, digital transformation, and building the new business of media. He also advises early-stage media-tech startups. He is the co-founder of The Splice Newsroom.

A career journalist for two decades, Alan has worked in radio, television, news wires, magazine, and online across Asia, giving him unique insight into how various newsrooms get things done—and where they get stuck.

He started his career as a reporter and grew into other operational roles at Bloomberg, CNBC, Kyodo News, Star TV and Channel NewsAsia. He eventually led one of the largest digital news teams in the industry as Yahoo’s Managing Editor for India and Southeast Asia.

Disclosure: Alan is married to an executive in Facebook’s communications team.

Follow Alan on Twitter or email him at alansoon@thesplicenewsroom.com.


RISHAD PATEL is a product and design professional. He is the co-founder of The Splice Newsroom.

For over twenty years, Rishad has designed and developed products for the web, mobile, radio, advertising, newsrooms, newspapers, magazines, podcasting, branding, books, and floor rugs for companies in Singapore, India, New Zealand, Europe, and the United States. He designed our branding and this website.

He has been an editorial consultant at The Straits Times in Singapore, the Wanganui Chronicle in New Zealand, and Mid-Day in Mumbai. He was also a co-founder of a gifting app startup in San Francisco, a public school startup in the SF Bay Area, and a Singapore-based fintech startup.

Follow Rishad on Twitter or email him at rishad@thesplicenewsroom.com.


We couldn’t do this without the trust and support of our partners.

We worked with the mighty Charis Rooda to build out our website, the home of our media intelligence briefing newsletter, our media design newsletter, our original stories, and related archives and businesses. We also work with our editor Holly Robertson and a growing number of talented freelance journalists for their reporting and insights.

Thanks to the Journalism and Media Studies Centre at the University of Hong Kong, Splice will work with some of Asia’s brightest journalism faculty and students to tell the incredible stories of media transformation coming out of China and the region. We will also work with JMSC on research, toolkits, and events across the region. Details here.

Also, big thanks to the Facebook Journalism Project for the encouragement and support in making all this happen.

Do you want to be part of this? Get in touch. Let’s build a partnership for media transformation in Asia together.

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